Lisa Matichak for Mountain View City Council


Mountain View is a great place to live and I am proud to have called it home for 17 years.  Long-time residents and newer members of our community moved to Mountain View for a reason, and we need to keep those reasons top of mind.  Mountain View is the heart of Silicon Valley.  We've got a booming economy, a lively downtown, outstanding parks, a network of trails, and so much more.  The city is on the forefront of many activities including being a founding member of the Silicon Valley Clean Energy Authority, a Transportation Management Agency, a free community-wide shuttle, and tree canopy coverage goals, to name a few.  It's no wonder so many people want to live here.  And, it is no wonder that major corporations want to have their headquarters here.

I am running for City Council because I care deeply about Mountain View and I’m passionate about having it be a great place to live.  I want to help residents and small businesses have their voices heard when it comes to what matters most to them.  I want to help make our quality of life better.  I have a heartfelt desire to help people.

The city has been going through a building boom for many years.  The rate of development of new apartment and office complexes is unprecedented in our city’s history.  While there are benefits to this growth, there are also challenges.  The cost of housing is high, vehicle traffic at times is at a standstill, and we are not on track to meet our reduction in carbon emissions goals.  There are no silver bullets, or fast, simple solutions to these complex challenges.  There are countless projects in process to address the issues.  Even more needs to be done.

My top priorities are:

  • Housing – Every day, more people are arriving here to work for Mountain View’s world-class companies. We must provide additional housing, both to provide newcomers with a place to live, but also to slow down the rising cost of housing. I will advocate for additional housing that is near public transportation, convenient local retail centers within a short walk or bike ride from where people live, and aesthetically appealing developments that are positive additions to our city.
  • Traffic decongestion – Our major roads are becoming unacceptably congested, particularly during work commute times.  We must support regional transportation solutions as well as explore creative solutions for getting around Mountain View.  I will advocate for expansion of the free community shuttle, more aggressive programs from major employers to reduce people driving alone to and from work, and exploration of additional options for transit as an alternative to driving.
  • Environment – We are at a critical juncture when it comes to the environment.  Sustainability needs to be a key priority across the board.  I will advocate for higher levels of sustainability in new buildings, expanded use of recycled water, higher tree canopy coverage, and more efficient, effective public transportation.
  • Pedestrians and bicyclists – In order to make walking and biking safe, attractive alternatives to driving, we need protected, pleasant, and effective routes for pedestrians and bicyclists.  I will advocate for dedicated bike lanes and minimal street parking along routes to major employment centers, sidewalks with planter strips in all new developments, and safer intersections for pedestrians and bicyclists.
  • Parks – Securing land for parks is increasingly challenging due to the rising cost and scarcity of land.  But parks are an important component of a good quality of life.  I will advocate for social gathering spots in new developments, incorporating publicly accessible parks into large developments, and new parks to serve the residents of our city.

I have the time and energy to devote to the important job of being a member of the City Council.  I will work hard to earn your vote and will actively listen to the residents and businesses now and in the future.

FPPC ID # 1386899