Endorsements for Lisa Matichak

The following individuals and organizations have endorsed the re-election of Lisa Matichak to the Mountain View City Council.  Please check back from time to time for updates to this list.

Positions are listed for identification purposes only.  Some individuals may be listed in more than one section.

Elected Officials:

  • Anna Eshoo, Congresswoman, 18th Congressional District
    "Lisa listens to residents. She works hard to address their concerns and to improve their quality of life in Mountain View. Please join me in supporting Lisa for re-election to the City Council.”
  • Jerry Hill, State Senator, 13th District
    "Lisa is a proven leader. Her knowledge, experience, and dedication have benefitted the residents of Mountain View. I'm honored to endorse her for re-election to the City Council."
  • Marc Berman, State Assemblymember, 24th District
  • Joe Simitian, County Supervisor, Santa Clara County, District 5
  • Chris Clark, Mayor (former) and City Councilmember, Mountain View
  • John McAlister, Mayor (former) and City Councilmember, Mountain View
  • Nick Galiotto, Mayor and City Councilmember, Mountain View (former)
  • Matt Pear, Mayor and City Councilmember, Mountain View (former)
  • Jac Siegel, Mayor and City Councilmember, Mountain View (former)
  • Art Takahara, Mayor and City Councilmember, Mountain View (former)
  • Sanjay Dave, President, Mountain View Los Altos High School District Board
  • Phil Faillace, Mountain View Los Altos High School District Board
  • Joe Mitchner, Mountain View Los Altos High School District Board (former)
  • Roger Noel, Whisman School District Board (former)
  • Fiona Walter, Mountain View Los Altos High School District Board
  • Gary Kremen, Director, Valley Water
  • Anita Enander, City Councilmember, Los Altos
  • Glenn Hendricks, City Councilmember, Sunnyvale
  • Lydia Kou, City Councilmember, Palo Alto
  • Peter Leroe-Munoz, City Councilmember, Gilroy
  • Carmen Montano, City Councilmember, Milpitas
  • Nancy Smith, Vice Mayor, Sunnyvale
  • Rene Spring, City Councilmember, Morgan Hill
  • Rowena Turner, City Councilmember, Monte Sereno
  • Kathy Watanabe, City Councilmember, Santa Clara
  • Gary Waldeck, Mayor and City Councilmember, Los Altos Hills (former)
  • Josh Becker, Candidate, State Senate District 13


  • Bill & Marsha Adler, Sylvan Park neighborhood
  • Michael Bailey, Cuesta Park neighborhood
  • Katy Blus, Stierlin Estates neighborhood
  • Bob & Laura Brown, Waverly Park neighborhood
  • Vicki Chang & Steve Bell, Wagon Wheel neighborhood
  • Lei Cheng, Martens-Carmelita neighborhood
  • Carter Coleman & Deb Keller, Old Mountain View neighborhood
  • Robert Cox, Old Mountain View neighborhood
  • Bill Cranston, Monta Loma neighborhood
  • Linda Curtis & Larry Voytilla, Cuesta Park neighborhood
  • Sanjay Dave, Martens-Carmelita neighborhood
  • Karin Dillon, Cuesta Park neighborhood
  • Shari Emling, Martens-Carmelita neighborhood
  • Kathy Farrar & Glen Gentry, Blossom Hill neighborhood
  • Rene & Anna Fielding, Rex Manor neighborhood
  • Catherine Frija & Patrick Garvey, Old Mountain View neighborhood
  • Nick & Becky Galiotto, Old Mountain View neighborhood
  • Jessica & Soosh Gandhi, North Whisman Neighborhood Association President (former)
  • Tom Gazdayka, Rex Manor neighborhood
  • Steve Gazzera, Gemello neighborhood
  • Matt Gruenwald, Shoreline West neighborhood
  • Kathy Hall & Leslie Murdock, Sylvan Park neighborhood
  • Karen Heggie, Wagon Wheel neighborhood
  • Mary Hodder & Ed Falk, Old Mountain View neighborhood
  • Robert Holbrook, Old Mountain View neighborhood
  • Karim Hyder, Cuesta Park neighborhood
  • Albert Jeans, Stierlin Estates neighborhood
  • Xiaoyue Jiang, Waverly Park neighborhood
  • Louise Katz, Cuesta Park neighborhood
  • Melanie Kaye, Old Mountain View neighborhood
  • Kelley Ketchmark, Wagon Wheel Neighborhood Association President
  • Dale & Jan Kuersten, Waverly Park neighborhood
  • Shirley Kwong, Old Mountain View neighborhood
  • Paul & Margaret Lansky, Old Mountain View neighborhood
  • Chris & Pam Lehner, Cuesta Park neighborhood
  • Arnold & Carmen Leon, Rex Manor neighborhood
  • Mary Kay "Marina" Marinovich, Los Altos
  • George Markle, Moffett Boulevard neighborhood
  • Alice McGuckin, Castro City neighborhood
  • Roberto Miller, Old Mountain View neighborhood
  • Joe Mitchner, Varsity Park neighborhood
  • Lisa Moore, Wagon Wheel neighborhood, Country Village HOA President
  • Anne Nichols. Gemello neighborhood
  • Chuck & Julie Muir, North Whisman neighborhood
  • Annette & Shadow Nielsen, Old Mountain View neighborhood
  • Julian Pardo de Zela, Rex Manor neighborhood
  • Nick Perry (former resident), Author of several books on Mountain View
  • Peggy Prendergast, Wagon Wheel neighborhood
  • Veronica Reginaldo, Wagon Wheel neighborhood
  • Robert & Dixie Rich, Slater Neighborhood Association President
  • Gary Rosen, Wagon Wheel neighborhood
  • Kal & Pam Sandhu, Castro City neighborhood
  • Barbara Sato, Wagon Wheel neighborhood
  • AJ Schuman, Whisman Station neighborhood
  • Ron Seger, Sylvan Park neighborhood
  • Jamil Shaikh, Old Mountain View neighborhood
  • Elizabeth Shen, Wagon Wheel neighborhood
  • Nicky Sherwood, Wagon Wheel neighborhood
  • Jac & Sharon Siegel, Cuesta Park neighborhood
  • Peter Spitzer & Patricia Musgrave, Moffett neighborhood
  • Eric & Sue Stabell, Morgan/Spring neighborhood
  • Jerry Steach, Old Mountain View neighborhood
  • Nancy Stuhr, Old Mountain View neighborhood
  • Rachel Tai, Cuesta Park neighborhood
  • Kathy Thibodeaux, Waverly Park neighborhood & Board Chair, Mountain View Chamber of Commerce
  • Tootoo Thomson, Cuesta Park neighborhood
  • Dr. Elna Tymes, Monta Loma neighborhood
  • Chris Umminger, Old Mountain View neighborhood
  • Chen Wang, Martens-Carmelita neighborhood
  • Monica Williams, USA Pickleball Association Ambassador for Mountain View
  • Ivy Xu, Cuesta Park neighborhood
  • Darlene Yaplee, Palo Alto
  • Tingting Zhang, Cuesta Park neighborhood

City of Mountain View Commissioners, Committee Members and Board Members:

  • Laura Brown, Environmental Planning Commission (former)
  • Roger Burney, Parks & Rec Committee (former)
  • Robert Chang, Environmental Planning Commission (former), Downtown Committee (former)
  • Carter Coleman, Downtown Committee (former)
  • Kim Copher, Downtown Committee (former)
  • Robert Cox, Chair, Environmental Planning Commission, Vice Chair Old Mountain View Neighborhood Association
  • Bill Cranston, Vice Chair, Environmental Planning Commission
  • Matt Gruenwald, Rental Housing Committee
  • Deb Keller, Visual Arts Committee (former)
  • Paul Lansky, Downtown Committee (former)
  • Joe Mitchner, Parks & Rec Committee
  • Anne Nichols, Human Relations Commission (former)
  • Julian Pardo de Zela, Rental Housing Committee
  • Kal Sandu, Human Relations Commission (former)
  • Pam Sandu, Senior Advisory Committee (former)
  • Jamil Shaikh, Downtown Committee, Human Relations Commission (former)
  • Tootoo Thomson, Visual Arts Committee
  • Dr. Elna Tymes, Senior Advisory Committee (former)
  • Helen Wolter, Parks & Rec Committee (former)


  • Dean Democratic Club of Silicon Valley
  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 332
  • Livable Mountain View
  • Los Altos Town Crier
    "Matichak is a good listener and has a talent for bringing focus to complex issues. She has more than 10 years’ experience dealing with the predominant subject of land use as a member of the council and the city’s environmental planning commission."
  • Mercury News
    "Mountain View needs experienced hands on the City Council to to help McCarthy and staff deal with the challenges.
    Matichak supports building housing in the North Bayshore and East Whisman areas, but only if there are sufficient retail stores and parks within walking distance to complete the neighborhoods. She has taken a conservative approach to finances, helping the city build reserves that could help Mountain View navigate the pandemic.
    Matichak supported investing in a three-year sustainability program that puts the city on the path to meeting its carbon emission reduction goals. She is well-versed on land-use issues, having served on the Environmental Planning Commission from 2010-16.
    We recommend Abe-Koga, Matichak, Showalter and Gutierrez."
  • Mountain View Chamber of Commerce
  • Mountain View Police Officers Association (early endorsement)
  • Mountain View Professional Firefighters (early endorsement)
  • Plumbers, Steamfitters & Refrigeration Fitters Local 393
  • Santa Clara County League of Conservation Voters 
  • Sierra Club (early endorsement)
  • Silicon Valley Association of Realtors
  • South Bay Labor Council




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